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Pharmaceutical Companies
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Abbott Laboratories
Specialized in developing manufacturing processes for drugs and chemicals. Site also covers in-depth information to several medical conditions as well as product information, and a corporate overview.
ACE Pharmaceuticals BV
Company specialized in manufacturing and packaging of clinical trial material and drug development. Features company information, activities, and an overview of the production facilities.
Acmi Labratories Ltd.
ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of human and veterinary pharmaceuticals with the product list ranging from Antibiotics to Histamines to Vitamins. Features corporate philosophy and background, a news section, and detailed information to offered products and services.
Agis Industries (1983), Ltd.
Manufactures a wide range of products including cardio-vascular, antibiotics, and dermatological pharmaceuticals as well as generic drugs mainly in the field of private label O.T.C. products focusing on topical-dermatology products.
Alembic Ltd.
ISO 9002 and 14002 certified company that specializes in penicillin bulk and macrolides antibiotics (so called erythromycins and derivatives). Site features company news and information to several human and animal healthcare products.
ALK-Abelló Group
Develops allergy products for the diagnosis, prevention and cure of allergies and the relief of symptoms. Site provides corporate and product information as well as useful allergy guides for doctors and patients.
All American Pharmaceutical
Manufacturer of liquids, capsules, powders and tablets providing custom labeling and usage of client formulas. Information to manufacturing and packing prices, as well as to the offered analytical service are provided.
Alpic Pharmaceutical
Exporters of allopathic, homeopathic, natural and polybacterial drugs, antibiotic medicines, pharmaceutical formulations and supplements, ciprofloxacin tablets, drugs, syrups and capsules.
Amerilab Technologies Inc.
Contract manufacturer for effervescent and nutritional supplements in solid dosage and powder form. Site introduces to production and research facilities, and provides an overview of the corporate profile.
Amersco Inc.
The ISO 9002 certified company manufactures several biotech chemicals for life science, clinical, and histology research. Detailed product information, technical support forms, and worldwide distributor lists are provided.
Andrómaco Laboratorios
Argentinean manufacturer specializing in therapeutical and skin care products. Provides a corporate overview and detailed information to products and infrastructure.
Anglian Pharma Plc
Offers out source production of small to medium batch runs. The MCA licensed site specializes in the manufacturing and packing of a wide range of gels, liquids, creams and ointments into a variety of containers.
Anhui Anke High Biotechnology, Inc.
Researching, manufacturing, and trading in the field of genetic engineering, cell engineering technology, and pharmaceuticals. Site features corporate profile and news.
Antas Pharma
Specialized in generic drugs this company is developing and manufacturing in Spain, Latin America, and the Middle East. Site covers company profile and news as well as product information.
Apex Drug House
Pharmaceutical companies in India, manufacturing and exporting medical supplies, drugs and pharmaceuticals, crude drugs, and medical formulations.
Archport Ltd.
Provides contract production and R&D services (including animal cell fermentation and downstream processing) to the biopharmaceutical/biotechnology industry, of recombinant proteins. In-depth information on suspension, microcarriers, perfusion, batch fermentation, and gene therapy applications.
Arcopharma SA
Natural products intended for body fitness and mental wellness. In-depth information to the famous 'Exsativa' (Swiss Oats A111) and to 'Soydiet' (based on bean sprouts).
Arya Aushadhi Pharmaceutical Works
Focuses on manufacturing and export of Ayurveda medicines, natural herbal supplements, ayurvedic herbs and herbal life products. Provides information to Ayurveda and company profile.
Ashok Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturers and exporters of pharmaceuticals. Provides company profile, product list and contact information.
Astra Zeneca
Manufacturer of tpn, parenteral and enteral nutrition, and multivitamin intravenous infusion products for health care professionals.
AstraZeneca Canada, Inc.
The product portfolio covers seven therapeutic areas including respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, oncology, pain control, central nervous system, and infection. Bilingual site in English and French.
AstraZeneca PLC
Pharmaceutical company with strong research, manufacturing and commercial skills focused on providing innovative medicines world-wide. Site offers patient and family information to several products and company news.
Atra Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.
Ayurvedic and allopathic medicine manufacturers based at Aurangabad in India. Corporate profile and introduction to the production facilities as well as product details.
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.
Manufacturers and exporters of bulk drugs, formulations, and oral suspensions. Site provides product details, company profile and information to the six manufacturing facilities in India.
Aventis Behring UK
UK based company specializing in blood plasma proteins and factor VIII products for the treatment of haemophilia and other bleeding disorders. Site features news and events, patient information, and useful links.
Aventis S.A.
Dedicated to improving life through the discovery and development of innovative products in the fields of prescription drugs, vaccines, therapeutic proteins, crop production and protection, animal health, and nutrition.
Babul Chemist
Pharmaceutical company in India exporting allopathic, herbal, ayurvedic medicines, medical surgical supplies. Site provides in-depth product information.
Banner Pharmacaps
Development and manufacture of prescription, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, and nutritional supplements sold in softgels and Soflet gelcaps.
Multi-national chemical and health care corporation. Site introduces to all of Bayer's business segments, the corporate policy, the company history, news, and events. Links to other Bayer sites with information for families and investors.
Bayer Pharmaceutical Division North America
Bayer Pharmaceuticals North America conducts business in three major areas of health care: prescription medications, biological products, and biotechnology. Bayer is also one of the world's largest producers of allergenic extracts, which are used by allergy professionals to desensitize patients suffering from various forms of allergy.
BD Immunization
Manufacturer of injection products, a global partner in worldwide immunization efforts, offering a broad array of safe immunization solutions through its products and services to help further disease prevention.
Belco Pharma
A WHO certified pharmaceutical company established in 1975, engaged in the manufacture and sale of generic and proprietary products.
Bertek Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
The medical branded products division of Mylan Laboratories. Site features company profile and product overview, as well as information to dermatology, cardiovascular, and neurology.
Bilim Pharmaceuticals
Developer, manufacturer and marketer of high quality generic medicines. Bilim is the 4th ranking pharmaceutical company in Turkey. Information to products and services, and a corporate overview.
Bio-Quant Inc.
Absorbance and immunohistochemistry systems that enable the detection of several analytes from blood, serum and urine or tissues at the same time, in the same well, and from the same sample.
Biomedic Laboratories
A global pharmaceutical company dealing in the fields of oncology and biotechnology. Site covers the corporate profile, product information, and an introduction to the research section.
BioPort Corporation
Manufactures vaccines and plasma derivative products.
BioSante Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical company developing a product pipeline of hormone replacement products to treat testosterone deficiency in men and estrogen deficiency in women. Also developing nanoparticulate-based platform technology (CAP) for vaccines, vaccine adjuvants and drug delivery systems. Information to investor relations, corporate and executive profiles.
Bipha Drug Laboratories
A leading manufacturer in ayurvedic, nutraceutical, aromatherapy segment. In-depth information about Ayurveda, the corporate profile, and product details.
Blue Cross Laboratories, Ltd.
Manufacturers and exporters of pharmaceutical formulations. Specializing in dispersible tablets technology. Site provides an overview to products and facilities and features a news and events section.
Bluegrass Pharmaceuticals
Develops innovative drug therapies for the consumer market.
Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.
Healthcare provider in prescription pharmaceuticals, self-medication, and animal health. In-depth information to prescription medicines, clinical research, consumer health care, vetmedica, and corporate profile.
Boehringer Ingelheim, Ltd. (UK)
Part of the Boehringer Ingelheim group of companies. News center, corporate information, and product information provided. Also links to other sites of the Boehringer group.
Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals
Main site of Boehringer Ingelheim (Germany) that ranks among the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world. Features global activities, company history and profile, a news center, and links.
Bosnalijek d.d. Sarajevo
Pharmaceuticals program covers more than 140 products in various presentations and strengths, for oral, parenteral, and topical administration. Information provided to investment strategies, company news, product lines, and finances.
Bristol-Myers Squibb
A leader in health and personal care, including pharmaceuticals, nutritionals, medical devices, consumer medicines, and beauty care. Information to product line and medicines, as well as details about Clairol, Mead Johnson, and Zimmer.
Britannia Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Manufactures products for small patient populations including opiate detoxification, parkinsons disease, Infant Respiratory Distress Syndrome, asthma and serous otitis media. Site also provides patient information to several medications.
Byk Gulden
Specializing in products for gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, respiratory tract diseases, and contrast agents. Provides an interactive check-up and a patient guide for download, as well as in-depth product information for health care professionals.
Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.
Manufacturers of bulk drugs, pharmaceutical intermediates, drugs, and medicare intermediaries. Site introduces to corporate strategy and facilities, and provides an overview to products and services offered.
Cambridge Laboratories Ltd
Developing and marketing neurology, oncology, and psychiatry products wordwide. The principle product is Xenazine 25TM (tetrabenazine) indicated for hyperkinetic movement disorders and tardive dyskinesia. Site also features company profile and news, and a link list to other resources related.
Camphor Technologies
A leading Manufacturer of speciality Pharmaceutical Intermediates and raw materials for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry.
Champaklal Maganlal Homeo Pharmacy
A leading manufacturer of Homeopathic-Biochemic medicines in India. Product details and pricing information, as well as an overview to corporate profile, production facilities, and the research center.
Changzhou Friendship Fine Chemicals
Manufacturer of fine chemicals and intermediates especially focussed on chlorination, bromination, fluorination, and cyanidation. Site provides corporate overview and news, and detailed product information.
China Fujian HuiTian Biological Pharmacy Co Ltd
Manufacturer of Chinese medicine including antibiotic raw material, powder injection, mydriatic, and gentamycin sulfate. Corporate overview and in-depth product information.
China Guangzhou Tian Xin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of antibiotics and injections, tablets, oral granules, and oral solutions. Provides an overview to products and medicines, as well as information to corporate profile.
Chronimed Inc.
Develops, markets and distributes pharmaceuticals, general medical products, and patient educational materials. In-depth disease information for patients and an online pharmacy provided.
Citadel Fine Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Manufacturers and exporters of medical drugs, medical formulations, tablets, analgesic suspensions, amoxycillin, ampicillin and other antibiotics. Site features product details and order information.
Contract Pharmacal Corporation
Manufactures nutritional supplements, over the counter drugs, and prescription pharmaceuticals. Site also features a factory tour, detailed product descriptions, and a support center.
Cooper Pharma
Manufacturer and exporter of various pharmaceutical formulations such as tablets, capsules, syrups, dry syrups, injections, ointment, and powders. Company history and profile as well as detailed product information provided.
Cotec Pharma
Focuses on allopathic capsules and tablets, prescription drugs, antifungal drugs, anthelmintic medicines, dry syrups, suspensions, and dispersible tablets. Details to product range and company structure provided.
Cottee Health Pty Ltd.
Specializes in alternative medicines, raw materials manufacturing and as contract manufacturer for several other pharmaceutical products. Site provides an overview to products, services, and the company profile.
CPL, Inc.
Providing pharmaceuticals, natural products, veterinary products, hospital, medical supplies and pharmaceutical equipment.
DaOne Chemical Co., Ltd.
Manufactures, markets and exports veterinary medicine for poultry, livestocks and fish, feed additives and pet shampoo.
Demo Pharmaceuticals S.A.
The leading pharmaceutical industry in Greece. Since 1965 Demo SA produces drugs and IV solutions. Exports in 32 countries and holds the first place in the Greek market.
Dermik Laboratories
Manufactures treatment remedies for acne, rosacea, rashes, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and pimples. Provides also Information for patients.
Detroit R&D, Inc.
A company dedicated to providing the highest quality environmental health and toxicology products in the areas of eicosanoids and CYP450s.
Diamyd Medical AB
A biotechnology company developing a vaccine for autoimmune diabetes known as Diamyd.
Dragon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
A pharmaceutical and biotechnological company that manufactures biotech drugs in China and markets internationally.
Du Pont Pharma Product & Corporate Information
Product and corporate information relating to Du Pont Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
DuPont Pharmaceuticals Co.
Wholly-owned subsidiary of DuPont Co.
Durham Pharmceuticals, Ltd.
Pharmaceutical company utilizing the penetration enhancement technology of Azone® to development augmented formulations of dermatology products.
The manufacturer of the non-antibiotic intramammary remedy Mastop-H. Also produces a range of stabilized glutaraldehydes based products.
ECR Pharmaceuticals
Markets prescription and consumer products nationwide, such as: oral analgesics, topical arthritis pain relievers, cough/cold medications, and products for seasonal allergies or contact dermatitis.
Produces animal health products such as Apralan, Coban, Hygromix, Maxiban, and Micotil. Site also covers news releases, trend lines and a search function.
Eli Lilly and Company
Information for health care professionals, patients, and consumers in the United States only.
Elite Pharma
A pharmaceutical company in formulation, drugs, tablets, capsules, syrups, antibiotics - manufacturing and exporting from India.
Enzyme Research Laboratories Ltd.
Specialized in the production and supply of high purity blood coagulation products targeting scientists involved in haemostasis and thrombosis research. Site covers company profile and news as well as product information.
Erfa S.A.
Pharmaceutical company with 5 main activities: Toll manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, quality control, world-wide marketing, customer's forecasting support, packaging.
Erfar S.A. Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Specializing in the development, manufacture and marketing of a broad range of pharmaceutical products for human and veterinary use.
Dedicated to developing new medicines to treat atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity, stroke, and related metabolic disorders.
Euphoric Pharmaceuticals
Producing a wide range of chemicals, medicines and pharmaceutical products for India. Looking for partners to grow worldwide.
Evolutec Ltd.
Biopharmaceutical manufacturing company with interests in anti-inflammatories, immunomodulators, vaccines and cardiovasculars. Site introduces to the technology used, product details, and press releases.
Excel Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
Offers contract manufacturing for the generic market. Product description, introduction to the production facilities and contact information provided.
Fair Pharma
Manufacturers of Immuno Qr, the medicine for AIDS/HIV.
Ferring Pharmaceuticals
An international, independent pharmaceutical company that provides pharmaceuticals on the body's own terms.
Fersinsa Gist-brocades
Dutch-Mexican producer of penicillin and its semi-synthetics derivates such as ampicillin, amoxicillin, and dicloxacillin. Site is provided bilingual, in Spanish and English.
Fuzhou Antibiotic Group
Manufacturer and exporter of all kind of antibiotic products including chlortetracycline HCL, chlortetracycline feed grade, gentamincin sulphate.
Galaxy Laboratories Pvt ltd
Galaxy is a Mumbai based chemicals and drug exporter, mainly dealing with 2,4-Dichloroacetophenone.
Galpharm Healthcare
Encompasses both Galpharm International and Galpharm Babyway, marking the way forward in brand and own label development in the fields of OTC healthcare and baby care.
Ganga Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.
Pharmaceutical company in India manufacturing and exporting herbal medicines, supplements, and remedies.
GEA Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company
Produces and sells generic medicine in the Nordic countries.
Genesis Pharmaceutical, Inc.
The company that brings you Glytone, WellSkin, and Hydropel doctor dispensed skin care products.
Genix Pharma
Offering pharmaceutical drugs and treatment of Chronic Hepatitis-B, AIDS-HIV therapeutic, bacterial infections, analgesics and neutraceuticals.
Gerot Pharmazeutika
Pharmaceutical company from Austria, engaged in the development, manufacture, marketing and export of medicinal products (prescription medicines).
Glaxo Wellcome Inc., based in Research Triangle Park, N.C., is a leading research-based pharmaceutical firm.
GlaxoWellcome Saudi Arabia
One of the world's leading research-based pharmaceutical companies.
Glide Chem Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of Povidone-Iodine USP/Chlorhexidine Gluconate BP/HPMC, Vitamin-C, and Lactose. Product information and corporate overview.
Globe Enterprise
Manufacturers and exporters of medical disposables, surgical sutures, i.v.cannulas, catheter since 1977, from India.
Guangzhou JingXiuTang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
A traditional medicine manufacturing factory in China focusing on Qing Re Xiao Yan Ning, the drug based on traditional Chinese medicine. Product and corporate information.
Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
China medicine and pharmaceutical manufacturing factory.
Hainan Asia Medicine Co., Ltd.
Producing drug preparations and the traditional Chinese medicines and health products.
Harp India
Indian manufacturers of natural ayurvedic and herbal medicines, ayurvedic treatment products, blood purifiers, hair toner, blood pressure control pills and other natural herbal and ayurveda remedies.
Herbacin Cosmetic GmbH
Producer of quality plant extracts by careful, gentle methods. The Herbacin product range covers a selection of hand, skin and hair care products for all kinds of requirements.
Highland Laboratories
Natural supplement manufacturing company with more than 27 years experience. Specialized in private label and custom formulations.
Hindustan Tablets
Manufacturing various range of products in tablets like aspirin, ibuprofen, paracetamol, ranitidine and exporter of medicine to the developing countries.
Hinry Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.
Hong Kong based pharmaceuticals trading company. Supplier of bulk pharmaceuticals, chemicals and intermediates.
Hishimo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
Specialized in herbal drug manufacturing offering several products which includes syrups, capsules, tablets, rub oil, and face pack.
Hollister-Stier Laboratories, LLC
Leading supplier of allergenic extracts, Ana-Kit, Allergex, Quintest and other products to allergy clinics across North America.
Hope Pharmaceuticals
Provides detailed information on selected medications.
Hubei Huanggang Yongan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
As a manufacturer of taurine, Huanggang Yongan Pharm`s annual output is 1000 tons.
Human Biologicals Institute
Manufacturers of several medicines such as anti-biotics, immunizations, and vaccines for infectious and infant diseases. Site also features information to rabies and other diseases.
Huzhou Beigang
Manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceuticals, chemical raw materials and activated carbon. Site contains company information and news as well as product information.
ICN Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ICN Pharmaceuticals Research is an international research organization with its major center in Costa Mesa, CA. Our goal is to discover and rapidly develop unique medicines of value for the benefit of mankind.
IMX Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Located in Boca Raton, Florida and publicly traded under the (OTCBB: IMXN). IMX develops and markets over-the-counter pharmaceuticals formulated under their proprietary licenses that deliver superior skin care benefits.
IndoFrench Laboratories
IndoFrench laboratories from Chennai, India, manufactures high quality pharmaceuticals and herbal medicines towards better health care.
Indukern Canada, Inc.
Manufacturer of generic OTC pharmaceuticals, skin creams, food- and feed-additives.
Industrias Quimicas S.A. de C.V.
Health improvement products, with local and global scope in the context of excellency of Quality and Service.
Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Indian pharmaceutical contract manufacturer. Offers also research and development for biotechnology products and Vaccines. Product details, company history, and job openings provided at the web site.
International Pharmacy & Business Solutions
International Pharmacy, products from Europe, quality controlled in Germany, over 10.000 items in stock, Off - Shore, investment and business advice.
Ipsen Limited
Pharmaceutical company specializing in controlled release peptides and botulinum toxin.
IVC Industries, Inc.
Vitamins, herbals, nutritional supplements, and over-the-counter pharmaceutical drug products available through drug stores, supermarkets, and mass merchandising chains, as well as health food stores, independent drug stores and the company-owned health food stores and mail order operation.
J & J DeChane Laboratories Pvt., Ltd.
Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals in all the three systems of medicine - modern (allopathy), ayurveda and homeopathy.
J L Bragg, Ltd.
Pharmaceutical manufacturers of charcoal preparations.
J.M.Loveridge plc
Manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations.
Jammi Pharmaceuticals
A famous liver cure clinic in India manufacturing several ayurvedic medicines.
Janssen Pharmaceutica
Visit our Customer Action Center, search our press releases, learn about our products, check out career opportunities and more.
Janssen-Cilag UK, Ltd.
Provides information about the company, job opportunities, its medicines and areas of medical research.
Janssen-Ortho, Inc.
Canadian pharmaceutical company that develops drugs in the following therapeutic areas: mental wellness, anemia and fatigue, women's health, digestive disorders, kidney disease, infectious diseases and wound healing.
Jay Formulations, Ltd.
Manufacturing and exporting pharmaceuticals and providing healthcare services all around the world.
The Pharmaceutical Works JELFA Co. is the largest industrial plant in the town of Jelenia Góra. It is also one of the biggest corporations in the Polish pharmaceutical industry.
Jiaojiang Pharmaceutical Factory
Process development, commercial production, custom manufacturing, and supply of a wide range of chemical intermediates. With corporate profile, product details and contact information.
JiLin ShuLan Synthetic Pharmaceutical Factory
Multiple-producing pharmaceutical enterprise; medicine preparation, fine chemical and packing vessels.
JK Pharma
Drugs and bulk formulations.
Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceutical Ltd.
Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals site has the Profile, Infrastructure, Products & Enquiry form for the site.
Kendall Healthcare Products
Kendall is dedicated to the development and manufacture of single-use medical, surgical, and vascular therapy products.
Kerala State Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Limited
A manufacturer of Bulk Drug Vitamin A and formulations in various dosage forms based in Kerala State in India. Features company profile and news.
Knoll AG Germany
BASF Pharma stands for BASF Aktiengesellschaft's pharmaceutical operations. The pharmaceuticals division is global in scope. BASF Pharma is all about researching, developing, producing, and selling.
Krka Pharmaceuticals
Makers of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other OTC products.
Uses the adjuvant vaccine technology to develop therapeutic products for animal, human and military use in the area of cancer and infectious diseases. Site provides a knowledge center, a kids-corner, press releases and investor information.
Laboratorios Grisi
Mexican pharmaceutical and chemical company, dedicated to manufacturing and marketing leading products of natural origin for health, beauty, hygiene and nutrition maintenance.
Lancet Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
Company based in Jaipur/India, experienced in drug formulation, mainly antibiotic capsules.
Life Pharmaceuticals (Pvt), Ltd.
The Diabetics Delight is an initiative of Life Pharmaceuticals, the company that makes Diastal-A.
Linhai Liaoyuan Chemicals Company
Pharmaceutical manufacturer located in Zhejiang China (LLCC).
Malta Vaccines Ltd
Manufacturer of live and inactivated poultry vaccines under the trade name Mavax. Includes company and product information.
Marathon Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.
A full service, dedicated contract manufacturing company. Our capabilities include process development, fermentation, purification, and small-scale fill finish in an FDA inspected, cGMP facility in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.
Martindale Pharmaceuticals
Manufacture, market and distribute specialist pharmaceutical products. These products are dispensed from hospital and community pharmacies throughout the United Kingdom and numerous international markets.
Maxima Pharmaceuticals
Edmonton based manufacturer specialized in Diffusimax, a special organic base (pluronic lecithin organogel or PLOgel) that carries drugs directly into the local tissues or past the dermal barrier into the bloodstream.
May and Baker Nigeria Plc
Provides anitbiotics, anaesthetics, analgestics, antimalaria, multivitamins.
McNeil Consumer Healthcare Canada
Introduction to McNeil Consumer Healthcare, employment opportunities, and our overall line of nonprescription, over-the-counter products including full lines of TYLENOL* and MOTRIN*. Our products do not contain Phenylpropanolamine (PPA).
Medica PLC
ISO 9002 certified manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, food supplement, algae products, and gauze. Product details and price lists are online available.
Mediolanum Farmaceutici Group
A diversified pharmaceutical group committed to the discovery, development and marketing of a varied portfolio of products. It is based in Italy with subsidiaries in France and the USA.
Mediways Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
Allopathic medicines manufacturer and suppliers of antibiotics cipro, anti depressant drugs, muscle relaxants, antibiotic medicines, anti-inflammation drugs, iron tonics, memory tonics, painkillers, multivitamins from India.
One of the first international pharmaceutical company in Europe, a manufacturer which is also focused on research and biotechnologies.
Mentholatum Australasia
Manufactures and markets products within the following categories: topical analgesics, skin care, laxatives and anthelminthics.
Merck & Co., Inc., Whitehouse Station, NJ
Merck discovers, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of innovative products to improve human health.
Merck (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
A world renowned group of companies, operating with three major business units: pharmaceuticals, laboratory supplies, for all your laboratory requirements and specialty chemicals. This is the South African site.
Merck Pharmaceuticals in the UK
Market prescription and pharmacy medicines, contrast media and medical devices in the UK.
Mika Pharma GmbH
Develop and Produce dermal and transdermal application systems for pharmaceuticals on the basis of sprayable liposomes and preliposomal solutions. Introduces to company profile and provides in-depth product information as well as press releases.
Miravant Medical Technologies
Developing both pharmaceuticals and devices for photodynamic therapy, a medical procedure using light-activated drugs to treat macular degeneration and more.
Mission Pharmacal
Provides Citracal, calcium supplements for osteoporosis prevention and Urocit-K for kidney stone prevention and kidney stone disease. Also menopause relief, impotence cures, and erectile dysfunction.
Mission Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.
Manufactures and exporters of pharmaceutical formulation.
MMC Healthcare LTD.
Pharmaceutical manufacturing, marketing, and exporters to many European countries.
Mylan Laboratories, Inc.
Welcome to the on-line version of Mylan Pharmaceuticals' Pharmacy Exchange program.
Natural Capsules Limited
Manufacturer of Gelatin Capsules and Vegetarian Capsules in Karnataka, India. Site provides product specifications and corporate information.
NeuroTargets Ltd.
Biopharmaceutical company based in Bristol/England discovering novel drug targets in the fields of neuropathic pain, nerve damage, neurodegeneration, and neuroprotection. Site covers company profile, news, and press releases.
Newport Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
Pharmaceutical company from China.
Newport Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.
The flagship product is inosine pranobex which is registered and sold worldwide under a variety of trade names including isoprinosine, imunovir, delimmun, virimun, and viruxan. It is used in the therapeutic area of chronic fatigue syndrome.
Next Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Natural products research, development, growing and extraction company in America.
Nigerian-German Chemicals PLC
Manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals from West Africa (Nigeria).
NNODUM Corporation
Triple action Formula for arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, muscle aches and pain, diabetic neuropathy, sprains and strains.
North China Pharmaceutical Group Aino Co., Ltd.
Involved mainly in developing and producing veterinary drugs, pesticide, avermectin, and ivermectin.
Novartis is committed to improving the global quality of life through our broad portfolio of products and services in pharmaceuticals, generics, consumer health, and eye care and ophthalmics.
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc.
Provides the corporate profile, a career center, investor information, health info and an alzheimer's disease section as well as press releases and company news.
Novo Nordisk
A world leader in insulin and diabetes care and also manufactures and markets a variety of other pharmaceutical products. Furthermore the company is the world's largest producer of industrial enzyme products. Headquartered in Denmark, Novo Nordisk has companies and information offices in more than 60 countries.
Manufactures a full line of topical steroids for use in dermatoses (eczema) and psoriasis. Site features product and corporate information and a link list with useful sites related to the topic.
Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Cephalosporin and other pharmaceutical products.
Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical
Provides detailed information about the company, it's therapeutic areas and products; includes complete U.S. prescribing information for all Ortho-McNeil products.
OTL Pharma
Devoted to the needs in oncology, hematology, and neurology this French producer is focused on biotechnology, gene therapy, and cell therapy. Site provides product information and introduces the visitor to the company background.
Paddock Laboratories, Inc.
A pharmaceutical company specializing in branded generics and compounding products.
Pan American Labs
Development, licensing and marketing of pharmaceutical products with an emphasis on the prevention of dehydration the treatment of allergies, coughs and colds, and pain.
Parke-Davis, a division of Warner-Lambert, is devoted to discovering, developing, manufacturing and marketing quality pharmaceutical products.
Pasteur Merieux Connaught - Corporate Web Site
Each year, Pasteur Mérieux Connaught sell more than one billion doses of vaccines used to immunize four hundred million people around the world. The resurgence of certain diseases such as diphtheria, measles and tuberculosis clearly demonstrates the need for systemic vaccination programs on a global basis.
Manufacturers and distributors of a broad range of non-prescription pharmaceuticals and alertness aids, PDK Labs offers a mix of over 250 products.
Peptisyntha et Cie SNC
Belgium manufacturer of bulk peptides API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) for the pharmaceutical industry. Site covers a corporate overview, details to products and services offered and a location map.
Pfizer Inc.
Research-based, global pharmaceutical company focusing on pharmaceuticals, health care, medicines, and animal health.
An association of 10 pharmaceutical top companies based in Belgium. They are researching and developing new drugs and, from their manufacturing facilities in Belgium, produce new and existing drugs and export them allover the world.
Pharma Synth Formulations Ltd.
Manufacturers and exporters of pharmaceuticals like liquid orals, ointment, hard gelatin capsules oral powders compressed tablets, pharmaceuticals, medicines.
Pharmaceutical Formulations, Inc.
Solid dose over-the-counter pharmaceutical manufacturer. PFI has developed and offers an extensive product line of over 100 different formulas in various solid dose forms. Tablets, caplet, capsule, and gelatin caplet.
Pharmics, Inc.
Quality pharmaceuticals since 1970.
Pharming NV
An independent biopharmaceutical company which develops and produces human medicines from the milk of animals. The company's range of health care products includes medicines for genetic disorders, infectious diseases, tissue and bone damage, cardiovascular diseases, surgery and trauma.
Pharmion Corporation
A global pharmaceutical company designed to acquire or license, develop, and commercialize acute care and specialty pharmaceutical products. Corporate and career information, as well as on several therapeutics are provided.
Polymer Laboratories' Website
A high technology manufacturing company focused on advanced polymer analysis and polymer particles in the fields of chromatography, clinical diagnostics, and pharmaceutical chemistries.
Polymona Enterprise, LLC
Offers intermediate chemicals, fluorinated chemicals, silane coupling, and crosslinking agents, specialty monomers, polymers and additives as well as nutraceutical ingredients.
Polytoxinol Laboratories Australia Pty. Ltd.
Manufacturer of polytoxinol antimicrobial focusing in the therapeutic use of phyto chemical compounds. Site contains product information, clinical cases and information on the treatment of Antibiotic Resistant Organisms.
Procter & Gamble
We will provide products of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world's consumers.
Purna Pharmaceuticals - Belgium
A third party manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and nutrients. Specialized in manufacturing of creams, ointments and gels, several solutions, and dry powders.
R&D Laboratories, Inc.
Serves the unique vitamin and nutrient needs of kidney dialysis patients. R&D is committed to developing products that reflect the latest medical research in micronutrient replacement therapy in End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).
Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals USA Inc.
A research-based pharmaceutical company that produces quality generic, OTC and branded drug products for the US market. Newsroom, research information, and corporate overview are covered.
Rephco Laboratories, Ltd.
Pharmaceutical products from Bangladesh.
Republic Drug Company
Over the counter drugs are one of the many specialties at Republic Drug.
Rhone-Poulenc (NYSE : RP) is one of the world's leading life sciences and specialty chemicals companies (pharmaceuticals, plant and animal health and specialty chemicals).
Riva Pharma
Specialized in the production of a wide range of pharmaceutical and veterinary products. The company is interested in new business partnerships to expand production of both dry and liquid pharmaceuticals.
Riyadh Pharma Medical & Cosmetic Products Co.
Pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia. Manufactures tablets, syrups, capsules, eye drops and ointments, and skin creams and ointments.
The Roche Pharmaceuticals Division seeks to harness the best available internal and external resources to discover, develop, produce and market cost-effective drugs that represent true breakthroughs in combating human diseases.
Roche in the UK
Manufactures a range of products including pharmaceuticals, diagnostic tools, over the counter products, and vitamins. Besides in-depth product information, the site also features health information for patients and health care professionals, an online research center, and company news.
Salix Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.
Pharmaceutical company providing solutions to serious and life-altering gastroenterological conditions.
Invests in genomics reseach and pharmaceutical development in four fields: cardiovascular/thrombosis, central nervous system, oncology, internal medicine.
Schein Pharmaceutical, Inc.
The Company's brand products group has developed an expertise in the management of anemia in nephrology, and is looking to expand this expertise to iron management. In addition, the Company develops, manufactures and markets a broad generic product line including both solid and sterile dosage products.
Schering Health Care, Ltd.
Specializes in several therapy areas including contraception, hormone replacement therapy, MS, oncology, and diagnostic imaging.
Serono Canada
Bilingual site (English and French) focusing on the company's four medical areas of interest: MS, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, and growth therapies. The company, its products, and support for people with medical problems in these areas.
Servier Laboratories
French pharmaceutical company specialized in cardiology, diabetes, venous disease, menopause, and depression. In-depth information for health care professionals.
Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Factory
Pharmaceutical manufacturer and exporter from China.
Shree Ganesh Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceuticals products such as allopathic medicines, anti-viral antibiotics, aaesthetic drugs, pharmaceutical formulations, and ayurvedic medicines.
Shuyang Group Co., Ltd.
China-based manufacturer of blood products, biological products, traditional Chinese medicine, normal human serum albumin, human intravenous immunoglobulin, hepatitis B immunoglobulin, and lyophilized histamin.
Sigma Pharmaceutical Group
The Sigma Pharmaceutical Group offers pharmaceutical services and community healthcare in Australia and New Zealand. Our site has detailed information on drugs produced by Sigma along with health advice.
Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor developing or acquiring and making available products based on naturally-occurring substances that enhance the body's natural ability to maintain its health state.
Sintong Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd
Manufacturer, importer and exporter of pharmaceuticals.
Solvay Group
International group of companies engaged in research, development, production, marketing, and sale of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, and plastic processing products.
Somerset Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Produces Eldepryl for Parkinson's Disease Patients. Resources and information for individuals living with Parkinson's Disease concerning quality of life issues.
Pharmaceutical manufacturer from Bulgaria. Fifteen drug categories. Medical substances. Phyto diet supplements, Tribestan, testosterone booster, sexual enhancement.
SRS Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
Company is manufacturing branded and generic sterile injectable and oral formulations as well as vitamins. Detailed introduction of company and management, and in-depth product and service descriptions.
Strides Arcolab Limited
Niche products in the pharmaceutical/nutrition industry.
Suzhou Dawnrays Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Joint venture specialized in the development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical field.
Synthon BV
Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products.
Takeda Pharmaceuticals America, Inc.
U.S. subsidiary of Takeda Chemical Industries, largest pharmaceutical company in Japan.
TAP Pharmaceutical Products, Inc.
People and products woven together to serve healthcare organizations, physicians, pharmacists and patients.
Taro Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.
Develops, manufactures, and licenses generic prescription and over-the-counter drugs worldwide.
Taro Pharmaceuticals U.S.A. Inc.
Develops, manufactures, and licenses generic prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Site provides also information and tools for pharmacists, a product guide, press releases and a section with company news.
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.
Teva develops, manufactures and markets generic and branded human pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, medical disposable and veterinary products.
The Bayer Group in China
Affiliate of Bayer AG, Germany. Features Bayer's investment strategies for China, production and manufacturing locations, and a news center.
Tillotts Pharma AG
Specialized in the development and manufacture of oily liquid and paste-filled hard-shell capsules. Focuses on products for diseases of the lower gastrointestinal tract. Assistance with the formulation of new products can also be provided.
Trust Pharma
International trade of pharmaceutical raw materials, active quality-substances and additives.
Manufacturer of vitamins, minerals, sports nutrition products, special formulas and amino acids. Brands include: Nature's herbs and alvita herbal teas.
Uni-Pharma S.A.
Manufacturer of drugs and promoters of research.
Unifar A.S.
Manufacturer of bulk pharmaceutical chemicals. Product information, introduction to the corporate profile and the manufacturing facilities.
Unilab Chemicals
Manufacturer of bulk drugs, antiseptics, disinfectants from India.
Manufactures branded generic pharmaceuticals for the ever-changing needs of pharmacists, physicians, patients and healthcare organizations.
Manufacturer of branded generics pharmaceuticals.
Vanton Research Laboratory, Inc.
The company provide both top quality health and beauty product. Product research and development from produce to package in small-large quantities.
Vasudha Pharma Chem, Ltd.
VPCL have an accumulated experience in various areas of Pharmaceutical manufacturer experienced in various areas of bulk drug industry such as R&D, production, designing, and fabrication of equipment, quality control, materials and marketing. Specialised in 4-piperidone and 4-piperidine.
VersaPharm Incorporated
Pharmaceutical developer and marketer of specialty prescription products to the United States, working to develop and deliver pharmaceuticals primarily for treatment areas of Tuberculosis, Hemophilia, and other blood disorders.
Vetoquinol NA
A manufacturer and distributor of veterinary and livestock products in USA, Canada and Mexico. The line of products includes antibiotics, vaccines, anti-inflammatory, disinfectants, insecticides, and Z-tags. Multilingual site in English, French, and Spanish.
Victory Enterprises
A company dedicated to the manufacture and conditioning of pharmaceutical products for human consumption and veterinary drugs.
Vindas Chemical Industries
Pharmaceutical formulation manufacturers, exporters and importers.
Vision Pharmaceuticals
Developers of Viva-Drops for dry eyes and Anti-Oxidant Skin Treatment.
The company has developed a new tableting method which improves the quality and viability of lactic acid cultures more than 5-fold (prebiotics and probiotics), compared to standard methods.
Weidar Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and health foods.
Weifang Sunwin Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Korean ISO 9002 certified manufacturer specialized in research and production of bulk intermediates and feed additives. Site also features service and product information and corporate news.
Westwood Squibb
Specializing in skin care products, including a prescription moisturizer, psoriasis medication and topical steroids.
Whitehall-Robins Healthcare
Manufacturers of health products and medicines like Robitussin.
William Ransom & Son plc
Hertfordshire, UK based company that produces natural, botanical and plant extracts for the food, drink, pharmaceutical and related industries.
Develops and manufactures several pharmaceutical products including Effexor XR (Venlafaxine), Protonix (Pantoprazole), Altace (Ramipril), and Ativan (Lorazepam). Besides product information the site also features an educational therapy area for pharmacists as well as news and investor relations.
Xinchang Pharma
Manufacturer of bulk pharmaceuticals, veterinary, food additives, intermediates and chemicals, three main group of products include: vitamin E, antibiotics, quinonones.
Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical
Guided by its corporate philosophy, "Creating and Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., has built a solid reputation as a research-oriented company and a leader in Japan's pharmaceutical industry since its establishment in 1923.
Zhejiang Deyer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Producing chemical materials of drug, drug preparations and traditional Chinese medicines.
Zhejiang Jiangfeng Pharmaceutical Holdings
Large-scale special group with western medicine and Chinese medicine, combining science, industry and trade in one. Develop and produce all kinds of chemical raw medicines, medicinal preparation, traditional Chinese medicines and biotic preparations, as well as produce and sell antibacterials, disinfectants, health care goods, nutritions and other relative business.
Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of Chinese pharmaceuticals and medicines.
Zhejiang Sundavid Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of covering antibiotic, synthetic chemical, chemical intermediates pharmaceutical products.
Zhejiang Wonderful Pharma and Chem Co.
Focuses on development and manufacturing of antineoplastic chemicals and ultra pure herbal extract monomer series. Includes product and company information and a product search engine.
Zhuhai Chuming Development Co., Ltd.
Producer and trader of chemicals and intermediates, pharmaceutical active ingredients, natural herbs extract powders, and pigments. Product information and details to corporate structure and production facilities.

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