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About Lomilomi Massage
Tranceformations. Ashburton, Victoria, Australia.
Aloha Breath
Hawaiian Kahuna Darrell K. Whaley reveals for the first time the secret of Aloha Breath, the easiest way to learn the power of ancient Hawaiian self healing.
An Introduction To Huna
Article by Peter Eklund, author of the book, Huna Ha Rite: A Program of Spiritual Growth. Indiana, USA.
An Introduction to Huna
Maintained by Lani (Loraine) Hudelson, inititate of the Order of Kane. Monterey, California.
Ancient Huna Secrets
Article by Jonathan Parker.
Angels, Angels, Angels, Inc.
Nancy Moreno-Derks is a teacher in the ancient science of Hawaiian Huna. Spiritual readings and metaphysical healing. El Centro, California.
Creating Anahola
Work in progress by C. Rule.
David Blaikie (Kahu Ka'auhelemoamanaloa)
Hawaiian Huna Mysteries Workshops. British Columbia, Canada.
Field of Dreams
Paul Waters teaches Huna, Hawaiian healing. Home study course available. Kauai, Hawaii.
Hale Ola Hawaiian Healing Center
Hawaiian Lomilomi massage workshops led by Dr. Dane Kaohelani Silva. Multilingual site. Pahoa, Hawaii.
Hawaiian Huna and Huna Reiki
Dancing Bear Way description of huna.
Hawaiian Huna Massage (Kahuna Bodywork): The Wisdom of Paradise in Motion
Article by Rosalie Samet.†
Hawaiian Huna Shaman Training
Seminars offered by Tranceformations, Victoria, Australia.
Hawaiian Huna Village
Aloha International site features the wisdom of Serge Kahili King. Books, tapes, seminars and workshops in Huna Healing, Huna Therapy, Hawaiian Massage. List of Huna teachers and therapists. Kilauea, Hawaii.
Hawaiian Huna: Modern Applications of an Ancient Wisdom
Article by Tad and Ardie James.
Hawaiian Lomilomi Association
Not-for-profit corporation organized to promote the art of lomilomi and perpetuate Hawaiian culture and healing arts. Pahoa, Hawaii.
Hidden Mysteries
Article by Joshua David Stone.
Hidden Worlds
Dedicated to psychic development, subtle energy and mystery spots, including Hawaiian sacred sites and power spots. Project of Aloha International developed by Serge Kahili King, Earl and Lois Stokes.
Historical and Philosophical Aspects of Lapa'au Traditional Kanaka Maoli Healing Practices
Article by Kekuni Blaisdell, M.D.
Huna - Secret Hawaiian Wisdom resources to explore the healing benefits of Huna. Phylameana lila Desy, Guide.
Huna Discussion List
How to subscribe to the huna list.
Huna for Life
Rev. Lynn Kelly in Spokane, Washington, offers healing, huna self awareness course, newsletter.
Huna in the United Kingdom
Articles, talks, workshops. Maintained by Ruben Hjorth.
Huna Kane
Monique Southam, Huna Kane Practitioner/Trainer. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Huna Magic
Seminars and personal growth services offered in Surry Hills, NSW, Australia.
Huna Magic
Book by John Bainbridge explains practices of enlightened kahunas of ancient Hawaii.
Huna Psychology: An Introduction
From Inner-Light Sanctuary site in California.
Huna, Ancient Wisdom and Healing from Hawaii
Meditations and articles. Maintained by Peggy Jentoft, an initiate of Malaka Huna.
Huna, Hawaiian Spirituality
Workshops by Keith Darwin Rector, teacher for the Spiritual Unfoldment Network (S.U.N.), founded by Irving Feurst, Oakland, California.
Huna, Healing and Ohana
Article by Martyn Carruthers.
Huna: Ancient Hawaiian Healing System
Huna telepathic mutual healing group. Slide presentations, books. Sherman Oaks, California.
Huna: The Secret Science Behind Miracles
Online newsletter and Huna-Ohana eGroups forum.
Huna: The Secret Science Behind Miracles
Links and articles. The Huna Fellowship, Huna Research, Inc. Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
Jillyan Baldwin
Kahuna bodywork, huna healing, huna life coaching. Katoomba, NSW, Australia.
Ka Hana Pono
Traditional Hawaiian Healing. Classes in ancient Hawaiian values, using the ancient Hawaiian tradition of aligning mind, emotion and body with Spirit greatness. Kihei, Hawaii.
Kahi Loa: Traditional Hawaiian Healing Massage
Article by Cornelia Biegler.
Kahuna Concepts
Articles about Huna.
Kahuna Source
Barbara Ki'a'i Weber teaches the ancient principles based on her training with a Kahuna Kanaka Maoli. The Australian College of Applied Kahuna Principles is located in Mullumbimby, NSW.
Kahuna Training
Taught by Mark Saito, a Kahu, guardian and keeper of the secrets of the Huna traditions. ChienPi Enterprises, Kailua, Hawaii.
Mette SÝrensen's Institute of Bodywork
Ka huna massage courses and spa equipment. Boondall, Queensland, Australia.
Ola Pono: Whole-body Health
Excerpt from The Power of Aloha by Kala H. Kos and John Selby.
Huna and soulwork training with Pavla FrancovŠ. Multilingual site. Praha, Czech Republik.
Soulwork International
Huna workshops and Soulwork training in West and Central Europe. Multilingual site maintained by Edward Rodziewicz.
The Huna Self Help Shop
Serge Kahili King's online catalog. Books, tapes, videos and tools. Princeville, Hawaii.
What Is Hawaiian Huna
Workshops in Huna Mua by Masterworks International. Kahuna Lapa'au (Healer) Apprentice Training. Resources, articles, courses, message board.

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